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Why working out during pregnancy?

Pregnancy: the green card to become lazy and fat – or not?

How many times did you hear already: “Don’t lift that, this is too heavy for you and your baby”, “Take it easy and don’t stress your body” or my favourite “Now you can eat for two” as if a pregnant woman cares a whole grown human inside her body who consumes 2000kcal a day.

Myths over myths

There are a lot of myths out there and some women have a mindset like: “Once I’m pregnant, I don’t have to do anything and I can eat whatever I want because now it’s over for me and my body”

My jaw still drops every time I hear a woman saying this. I understand the hormonal change, your appetite changes, you feel hungrier and that you feel like eating some weird food combinations, I’ve been there too. It is okay not to starve or hold that desire to have that specific chocolate but these desires can be controlled and you will still feel satisfied without consuming thousands of unnecessary calories.

A whole new and healthier world to break the old myths

There are so many studies about pregnant women and all the research shows is that women who exercise and stay on a well-balanced diet have fewer complications during and after pregnancy. Recovery after pregnancy and daily life is much easier for fitter women and they are less affected by the scary postnatal depression.

Babies and children at a young age benefit if the mother stays healthy and active during pregnancy. So if you are not ready to live a healthier life for yourself you definitely should choose it for your baby.

being pregnant is not a disease

Don’t be afraid if you have never done exercises before and you are an absolute beginner or don’t think if you are a super athletic person you have to stop immediately just because you are pregnant. Being pregnant is not a disease. There is the right workout with the right intensity for every single woman out there.

Fit or unfit? Who recovers faster with a broken leg?

If you’re still not convinced if keeping your body fit is right during pregnancy, let me tell you an example: imagine a businessman, he works 10 hours a day but he finds 1 hour daily where he goes for a run, he does some exercises and tries his best to stay healthy. On a winter day, he goes for his run as always. Unfortunately, he slips on the icy asphalt and breaks his leg. The fit businessman has to stay in bed for 3 weeks to recover.

Now imagine another businessman, he also works 10 hours a day but he prefers to go to restaurants and watch tv in his free time. The businessman slips on the way to work on the icy asphalt and breaks his leg. Same here, he has to stay 3 weeks in bed to recover.

What do you think? Who recovers faster? The man who has good fitness and a healthy lifestyle or the man with the unfit big belly body?

Pregnancy – a performance training

Don’t get me wrong, being pregnant is nothing like breaking a leg, but imagine you enjoy yourself for 9 months. By doing nothing at all you will get heavier and heavier and weaker and weaker. When you are at your heaviest, you should be actually at your strongest for labor, but you are at your weakest.

So don’t see pregnancy as a disease where you can rest and wait that the baby will arrive. Use pregnancy as a chance to take care of you and your body so you can be prepared for THE DAY your baby arrives and don’t think labor is the hardest part or the end.


Prepare yourself like an athlete who goes to the Olympics

Working out during pregnancy is the best decision you can take for yourself and for your baby. Pregnancy is no green card to become lazy and unfit or to eat whatever and how much you want. Don’t forget, the moment you get pregnant it’s not only about you anymore. Everything you feed your body will also go to your baby!

Use pregnancy like a performance training where you prepare yourself for THE MOMENT of your life, like an Olympian athlete prepares himself to compete for the race of his life.

Once your baby is here the real hard work starts and the fitter you are the better you can take care of your baby.

I don’t want to scare you, it works both ways, fit or unfit but I would love to help you to choose the fit version where you can feel good, strong, and ready


It’s my vision and heartfelt passion to help you feel the best version of yourself by transforming your mind, body, and soul. Why? Because when you love yourself you are unstoppable and unbreakable.

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