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Sandra Gasparini and Elliana

Do you believe in destiny? A short story about me

Do you believe in destiny? Sometimes I think about my life and I start wondering what would be different if only one event would change. For example, if I won the bronze medal in the Olympics – which I missed for thirteen hundred of a second in 2014 – I would have continued to compete in the world cup for, I don’t know for how many years. Instead, I served in the Italian army, met my ex-boyfriend, and after some time had to escape from everything. I then went to Dubai, where I got pregnant. However, I was forced to come back to Italy because I wasn’t married and couldn’t stay legally in Dubai.

Hmm sounds like destiny is a real thing right?

The evening I met Elliana’s father, another kind of destiny? I was with my two friends on a short vacation in Dubai and there, at a yacht party I met him… 2 months later I moved to Dubai and dated him throughout the two years I lived there. One day he came to me and said he wanted to leave Dubai. Ttadaaaa I was pregnant…

It makes me think, what if I wouldn’t have been at this yacht party that night? Please don’t get me wrong, Elliana is my everything and I can’t imagine a life without her. But still, where would I be right now?

I worked in one of the best hotels in Dubai as a supervisor and personal trainer. I had all the credentials to have a bright career and be promoted as assistant manager. The only problem was that I couldn’t stand Dubai during summer. It was way too hot and I was forced to live inside. No nature, no beach, no being outside. It was horrible for me and I felt depressed sometimes.

So I set a limit. I said to myself that I would have worked very hard until next summer (May 2020) and then I would have gone somewhere else, with or without the hotel chain I’ve worked with. That plan, however, didn’t work out too because I found out I was pregnant.

At that time everything seemed to fall apart. I was forced to go back home, where I never wanted to go. I was pregnant and not even in a relationship and I couldn’t live the life I wanted. I had to hide my pregnancy because it isn’t legal for unmarried women to live in Dubai (yes I can’t believe we are in 2022), resign from my position, and leave Dubai.

My family was super happy that I was back, they were even happier that I wasn’t alone, but I was desperate. I had no idea what to do with my life back home and I didn’t know where to find a job as a pregnant woman. I felt like the biggest loser who couldn’t even manage that the father of her child stays with her.

But I’m still here, stronger than before!

Slowly I started to understand that I had to relax. It was crucial for me and especially for my baby’s mental health. I found a job and I started to reconnect with my family. I enjoyed time with my sister, who at that time was sick. I’ve never really spent time with my family, especially with my sister. She left this world some months after I came back and I’m so grateful that I was able to spend time with her. Imagine if I have stayed in Dubai?

Where I am right now feeling pretty amazing. I dared to start my own business in a town where I never wanted to be. I’m surrounded by the best people I could ask for. So thank you God, universe, destiny! Call it whatever you want.

Never doubt where you are, there is a plan for you. Somehow you will get there no matter what, even if it seems you are going through hell at the beginning. Keep going!

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